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by Webnme on Oct 30th 2011 in Websites Designed

The site was in use from 1994 to 2011. However, the original site was pretty much limited to static content, so it was time to find a more robust solution while not interrupting web traffic to resources offered by the site. The solution was to start a sister site with a new name and build a new site and gradually migrate content and traffic to the new domain.

The design mock-up for the updated site previously shown in an earlier post was dropped in favor of a design compatible with WordPress that would take full advantage of social media and allow greater flexibility. In addition the site was broken into three sub-sites with separate blogs and content pages.

The primary site, is depicted below.

A separate sub-site with a similar theme was developed for a guest writer’s advice columns. This site utilizes a separate WordPress database, but has common navigation and design elements. It is at

A third site was developed for online training using a similar theme and a third instance of WordPress. It is located at

To assure the best user experience, content pages on the old NetCommish site were converted to redirect pages as the content becomes available on the new site. This assures that traffic from bookmarks, links on other sites, and links in search results drive traffic to the new site. This was a successful approach. The new site now has twice the traffic as the older site because it has traffic from old links and the pull of social media to bring new traffic.

The original NetCommish web site looked like this in the late 1990’s.


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by Webnme on Oct 19th 2011 in Websites Designed

This was a set of mock-ups of a re-design under consideration for Ultimately it was not used.

The design after some additional refinements to incorporate social media links and get the most important content to the top.


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