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by Webnme on Sep 4th 2011

Introduction to Web Site Planning

So you want to have a web site? That’s great. A web site can open the door to many opportunities for you. It can help you get your message out to friends or customers, share information related to a cause, promote a product, or make your business more visible to customers.

This guide is intended to give you a brief look at some of the things that you’ll want to consider as you plan and develop your web site. First we’ll take a brief look at some business considerations that you may want to discuss with an attorney. Next we’ll review a number of topics you should discuss with your web site developer.

These planning tips are not intended as a one-size fits all set of rules for web development. That just wouldn’t work. Each web site has its own audience and each web site owner has his or her unique needs to consider. As a consequence this is simply a guide or starting point for discussion and not intended as an absolute compendium of every consideration you may need to make.

To see more of this guide, please use the navigation bar at the top. Select “About” and the “Web Site Planning” to see available content.

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