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by Webnme on Sep 4th 2011

Web Site Planning Tips - Market and Promote

Marketing and Promoting Your Website

You should have at least an informal marketing, communications and web site promotion plan for how we get the word out about your site.  You may wish to consider:

  • Advertising on other sites  using services like AdSense
  • Use of social media such as facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and others
  • Your participation in other online communities relevant to your content where you can link back to your site in your site profile or site signature; e.g., online forums and discussion listservs
  • Use business listings on the web – most are free and provide links to you
  • Use your own personal networks – friends that like your site will pass it on to their friends
  • Email signatures and references in email content
  • Email newsletters
  • Rent targeted, commercial e-mail lists
  • Publish videos, images, and audio content on other sites like YouTube that promote your site
  • Register your site with key directories of sites like
  • Register your site with specialized directories related to trades, professions, associations, and organizations related to your content
  • Provide written content to other sites in exchange for links and/or advertising
  • Use your URL on products, stationary, business cards, paper literature, and electronic media
  • Promote your site with traditional media such as newspapers and magazines related to your content
  • Provide free services or free products
  • Sponsor a contest, if appropriate
  • Think about viral marketing promotion techniques
  • Consider running an affiliate program, if you are selling a product
  • Consider listing your products with auction sites and product comparison sites
  • Recommendations and links from other sites – reciprocal or link exchanges
  • Write to sites linking to competing products or similar products to ask them to link to your site
  • Write to sites with blog articles on competing products or similar products and ask them to consider writing about your product

Your site design content can also help in promoting your site:

  • Descriptive Meta Data in the site’s code
  • Keyword rich page or article titles
  • Use keywords in headers and first paragraphs
  • Use descriptive keywords in links
  • Optimize your site to be search engine friendly including an XML sitemap that can be used by major search engines to help people find your valuable content
  • Assure that you have content pages focused on each keyword used to describe your site

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