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by Webnme on Sep 5th 2011

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Once a site is up and running, web site management and administration is an important consideration.  While your main focus is going to be on generating content, you also have to make sure that your site remains secure, that technical problems get resolved, backups are made, updates to your web applications are made, and more.  You may want to engage a web administrator who can assure that the following tasks are not overlooked or missed:

  • Updates to the version of WordPress in use
  • Updates to plug-ins
  • Moderation of comments
  • Developing custom error messages
  • Developing contact forms
  • Major design changes
  • Customized coding of themes and updates when themes are updated
  • Verification of backups
  • Periodically taking a copy of the site via FTP so that you have a copy of all scripts and non-database files, which can amount to thousands of files.
  • Checking analytical tools to see how the site is doing and in some cases monitoring what ads are working and what ads are not

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