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by Webnme on Sep 5th 2011

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Now that you know what features that you want to have, it is time to find a host the can provide the necessary services that will allow you to use those features.  You do not want to end up with a host that only handles static web sites, if you are going to use a database driven web site with WordPress, Joomla, phpBB, or other similar capabilities.   In addition you want to find a host that can provide you with tools that make installing your database and applications easy.  Using hosts that have already done some of the heavy lifting by providing database setup and configuration eliminates database developer costs and allows you do quite a bit for not very much.

Your natural impulse at this point will be to find the least expensive host that can you’re your immediate needs.   There are some great hosts that are fairly inexpensive, but these hosts also tend cap the amount of storage and bandwidth they provide for their low fees.  If you plan to say small these are an excellent fit.  If you think your site has growth potential, you will want to make sure the host provides for scalability; e.g., you can increase bandwidth and storage as the number of visitors increases and the amount of storage as your content grows.

You will want to consider whether the host offers or provides:

  • Domain registration
  • Allows you to use your own domain name
  • Provides tools to manage your site that allow:
    • Easy editing of content
    • Site management
    • Analytic and reports
    • Database setup
    • Installation of applications like WordPress
    • 24/7 support that is more than just web-based help areas; e.g., manned telephone technical support and customer assistance
    • Sufficient storage and bandwidth for your needs
    • High availability – ask what percentage of time the host is down and unavailable
    • Backup services to assure that in the event of a disaster on your site, it can be restored
    • Offsite backup storage so that if the host has a disaster, your files are not lost
    • Multiple data centers or backup data centers to assure that a local power outage doesn’t take your site down – weather and natural disasters happen
    • Acceptable Terms of Service – read the fine print and make sure it doesn’t prohibit any content or advertising you envision using – some hosts prohibit any display of nudity, which might make them unsuitable for a site with images of paintings, drawings, sculptures, and the like where the depiction may run into conflict
    • Service Level Agreements – make sure that they host has a written commitment to a level of service that is adequate for your needs

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    20th September 2011

    Appreciation for this ifnomration is over 9000—thank you!

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