Author AvatarClick to View CategoryRedesign of OMMworld Web Site

by Webnme on Mar 22nd 2012 in Websites Designed

The OMMworld web site has shifted from being a fantasy story web site to a general gaming web site. Below is a screen capture of the new design.

Author AvatarClick to View CategoryFan Art for Kingdoms of Amalur

by Webnme on Mar 22nd 2012 in Images and Graphics

Over the past month I’ve been producing a lot of fan art for the game, Kingdoms of Amalur. The most recent is a blog graphic for a game review:

I’ve also produced 25 images that can be used as an individual’s Facebook Cover Image including the one below and 24 more at:

Author AvatarClick to View CategoryWEBnME2 Redesign

by Webnme on Feb 11th 2012 in Websites Designed

This site and its sister site have been undergoing a lot of improvement and transformation in the last year or so. The first image shows the site as it was in 2010. The second image shows the site in 2011. The last image shows the site as it is today in February 2012.

Author AvatarClick to View CategoryFacebook Cover Images

by Webnme on Feb 11th 2012 in Images and Graphics

I have started to make Facebook cover images that work with the new Facebook Timeline. These images are 850px x 315px. The first three are shown below. The first two were designed for Scouters. The third was designed at the request of a person wanting to express political views. I plan to make several more with Scouting themes and am willing to make custom Facebook Cover Images.

Author AvatarClick to View CategoryHappy Birthday Virtual Framed Card

by Webnme on Feb 11th 2012 in Images and Graphics

For fun, I developed a couple of virtual framed birthday cards. One version is colorized and the other is more muted.

The full sized image is 1200px x 1024px. If you would like to have one of these made out with the name of a friend, let me know via my contact form under “about” in the menu and we can arrange payment via PayPal. I charge $5.00 per customization and will email the completed jpg or png image to you.

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